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Contact and FAQs

If there is anything you would like to know, please feel free to contact us below and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.


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Telephone : +44 07907160094 / +44 7795 820585

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Telephone : +44 07907160094 / +44 7795 820585


Do your products contain wheat or Gluten?

No, all of our products are produced and packed on a Gluten Free premises. 

What protein source are in your products?

We use a locally sourced high quality whey protein isolate made in Northern Ireland.

Are all the Sweet Robyn products available on "Myfitnesspal"?

Yes, simply barcode scan the back of the box or enter 'Damn Good Treats' in the search section and click the product you are searching for.

How should I store your products when I receive them?

Keep our products stored in a cool, dry area and away from sunlight. Chocolate and warm heat is never a good combination! Some people store in the fridge, which is fine but may cause chocolate bloom, a whitish look. It is perfectly safe to eat.

If the products are low in sugar then what sweetener is used?

We add zero sugars, we either add stevia or sucralose and the chocolate is maltitol. We are always continually innovating in this area and aim to use the best version when available.

Are your products Soya free?

No, due to our specially sourced chocolate their is an ingredient called soya lecithin (used in almond milk etc) however keep an eye out in future vegan items as we aim to have no soya in these.

Do your products contain nuts?

Our facility handles both peanut and other tree nuts so may contain traces even if they are not on the ingredient list

A white texture is appearing on the chocolate, is it safe to eat?

Yes! perfectly safe, we add a protein whey that may cause mottling, also different temperatures may cause this as we do not use any sort of artifical stabalisers common in other well known chocolates.

Are Sweet Robyn products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes! We are a vegetarian site! We also aim to have vegan items in the future made in a vegan facility.

Do you have any vegan products?

We do via our facebook shop which is currently only available for UK purchases only at this present time. Please note we do have dairy items on our premises so not suitable for anyone with a dairy intolerance due to low risk of cross contamination. Keep an eye out for new vegan range in bars!

Are your products organic?

No, currenlty not but keep an eye out in the future for this.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

This is a hot topic for us! Currently our boxes are 100% recycable  / biodegradable and coloured with vegetable ink. Our inner clear pack is requred by law to keep the product safe from tampering / environmental pathogens and is recycable. We aim to switch this to biodegradable as soon as it is available! 

Is your chocolate fairtrade?

Yes! Made in Belgium with the finest cocoa beans. No sugar is used in the production. Our facebook shop has a dark vegan chocolate that has no sweeteners if you are sensitive to sweeteners.